About LGBT Dating - How to Meet Friends

I’m not a club-goer and I prefer to do anything else than go to a lesbian bar or gay club where you feel like you have to look or act a certain way. I’ve never felt comfortable or like I could be myself which is why I understand you and thousands of other gay men like us don’t like being in “the scene.” Gay dating site helping gay men connect and mingle with other gay singles online.

Having full acceptance that you’re not into the gay scene is a huge step to take and I’m here to tell you, welcome to the real party! In my opinion, it’s sooooo much better here. Now let me give you some practical advice on where you can meet quality gay guys outside the club.

Whether you’re in a small town or a major city, there are other LGBT people near you. The hard part is actually finding them. There’s nothing more affirming than having a group of LGBT friends, but if you’re struggling to meet people near you, try finding friends online!

Chosoe the Meetville - is a monitored youth-friendly site where lesbian singles, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth ages 13 to 24 can connect with other young people throughout the world, and can get involved in their local LGBT communities.

I don't know if heterosexual dating is less brutal. In my experience dating gay guys, I think they (we) can be more picky, and I think there are a lot of guys who are a bit damaged or have things they need to work on (i.e. still in the closet, or had a lot of trauma from a bad childhood when they did come out, or ever had a good role model of a healthy relationship). But that could just be my perception.

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