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That's the approximate number of quiches I made during the 10 years I ran B&B's. And yes, real men do eat quiche. Well, at least mine does.

I think I started cooking at about 2, and never had the good sense to stop, despite the hard work and the dishes and the, well... ok, so cooking can be a labor of love. And love it, I have. And no matter where life has brought me, I've always come back to my true passion... cooking.

I started working in B&B's when I was 15, cleaning rooms and quickly worked my way up to Innkeeper. From there, I worked at the best B&B's in Santa Barbara- all which helped mold my cooking skills, and me as a person. You see, cooking is from the heart. And like they say in B&B's, "An Innkeeper is worth her weight in muffins!"

From there I took jobs that helped hone my business skills- office manager, marketing director, owning an ad agency. And proudly, I graduated with honors and distinction from UNCA with a degree in Mass Communication.

But cooking is in my blood! And while I was doing the 9-5 grind, I dabbled in bakery work (my pumpkin bread is still famous) and even entered and won cooking competitions- including first place in a cook-off judged by all the top local chefs.

And cooking runs in the family. My Grandmother came to the US from Sweden in her early 20's and couldn't speak a bit of English. She got a job as a cook with the Wrigleys on Catalina Island (seriously, thinking Mrs. Patmore on Downton Abbey- love that show!)

I remember trying to decipher her recipes later in life, true to form for 
true bakers (and cooks). A pinch of this. And a "cup" of that. No science. No structure. Just love, and a feeling.

Frida. A woman whose icebox rolls, aka the best and most moist cinnamon rolls I've ever had, could have rivaled any bakery in the world. And whose Swedish Meatballs still make me drool at the thought of them.

Like my grandmother, I use my intuition, about food, passion and love... 
from my heart and home to yours!

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