Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mexaratinis and Fedoras for Cinco de Mayo #SundaySupper

It was an ordinary Saturday.  I grabbed my tennies and my dog, and off we went for our daily walk around the block.  But, what I saw, as we turned the first corner, was anything but normal.

And what I saw, to this day, still leaves me wondering if it really happened, or if I was seeing things, likely due to too many Mexaratinis the night before.

Paul, in shorts.  And an old t-shirt.  Mowing his lawn.

I met my neighbor Paul earlier that year, and I not only liked him, but was intrigued by him, something that doesn't happen often.  Perhaps it was his Jim Carrey-like animation and quick wit, his English accent, or the fact that he wore a suit, French cuffs, and a fedora...
each and every day.

Out to dinner, dancing at the clubs, drinking a few cold ones at the Thirsty Thursday ballgame, and even on sales calls around town... in the dead heat of Summer.  Suit, French cuffs, fedora.  He could have easily been the fifth Beatle, the seventh member of the Rat Pack, or a blonder twin to Don Draper.

 Enchanting (and occasionally pissing off) just about everyone who crossed his path... especially the ladies.

We grew to become great friends, despite the fact that I "eat like an American" with my fork and knife.  Must have been because of our shared love of cheeses and port over old episodes of Mad Men. And that we both see the value in classic elegance, especially when it comes to presentation... in clothing, table settings, food, and especially a good cocktail.

And, today I present you with a cocktail created by Paul for our very special #SundaySupper Cinco de Mayo party.

When I think of a party, I think of Paul.  So drink up, dress up (fedora or sombrero), and live it up.  Because we all need a little more "Paul" in our lives.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, and Salud!

Paul's Mexaratini

Fill a large shaker with ice.  Add in 1-1/2 ounces tequila.  Fill three quarters up of Mango Orange Juice, and top it off with Pineapple Juice. 

Shake, and strain into glasses.  Add a Malibu Rum floater and garnish with a cherry and pineapple slice.

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  1. We absolutely need more Pauls in our lives, characters that are intriguing, and at the same time very defined in their ways and thoughts. I can drink to that with this cocktail! Very refreshing Di!

    1. Yes! Life is too short ;-) Cheers to you on this Cinco de Mayo, and every day, Paula!!!

  • This is one classy looking drink. It looks so refreshing and grown up! I'm putting this on my list to try during one of our summer grilling dinners for friends!

    1. Thanks Alaiyo... Paul also told me it is good with Vodka instead of the Tequila. I'll be trying that version soon too ;-)

  • Your storytelling is exquisite, Diana. Your screenwriting studies are shining through =) I'm intrigued by the '50s, Mad Men and Paul's penchant for Fedoras, suits and Mexaratinis. The husband and I are not big drinkers but after seeing your post we might be!

    1. I love that era too, Kim!!! And Paul never fails to surprise me... I visited him over Christmas, and upon my arrival he had a cosmo waiting for me by the door, and had made himself a martini... 2 olives. One for him, the second to share. Everyone needs a friend like Paul! Thanks, Kim ;-)

  • Ah, I love this post! Yes, we all need cocktails, a little party and fun in our lives for sure! what a great cocktail! love this!

    1. Thanks Alice! I agree... nice to take some time to make the time to enjoy life a bit more- even if for just a special occasion day! ;-)

  • I can NOT wait to have my baby so I can make an awesome looking cocktail like this! I'm a wine lover but every now and again I love trying something new! I'm putting this one on my list!

    1. ;-) You are adorable, Tammi! And I agree on the wine, don't normally indulge in drinks like this anymore, except a few times a year, but man, was it good! Hope you enjoy, post baby ;-)

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