Friday, July 6, 2012

The Veggie Box that got me Thinking Outside the Box

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Some girls get excited about shoes, massages, days at the spa (oh, who am I kidding- I LOVE them too!)  But these days, my budget breakers are along a different line... with a little more fresh, and a whole lot more FLAVOR!

Like meats that my butcher proudly points to and says... Di, this is the ONE (get to know your butcher!)  Vegetables so fresh that you pause for a moment wondering, "is that dirt?" and then smile, remembering they were picked TODAY, and the earth on them is local earth.  Mmm. ;-) Fresh breads that take me back to days up at 4am, mixing, kneading, waiting for the rise, and then "drinking" in the intoxicating yeasty smell while browning in the oven.  And cheese.  Oh, cheese.  Rich, creamy, nutty, herby, velvety... and yes, the stinkier the better, cheese, I say (some day remind me to tell you the tale of the stinky hotel cheese in Paris- P.U. ;-)

But today my budget breaker didn't break the budget, and it came in a cardboard box- delivered! (Thank you !)

"Eat your vegetables, they'll put hair on your chest," said my Pop growing up, and while that was almost as gross of a concept (for a girl, at least) as eating the vegetables themselves, it did make me giggle.  And now, as an adult, I still smile when I think of eating and making veggies fun in every meal!